Crowning Systems

Eliminate shimming and reduce costly set up time

The Accurcrown Die Holder is manufactured with a series of precision wedges, providing a uniform crown that compensates for machine deflection. This die holder can be adjusted manually via the standard rotating handle or with a CNC upgrade where the Accurcrown is positioned automatically via the ETS3000 or Vision control. Crowning Zoom



Digital Readout: Crowning position is displayed prominently via digital readout on the manual crowning unit (only available on manual crowning units). 

Localized Dial Adjustments: Operators can adjust for worn tooling or compensate for any tolerances that exist in the press brake bed with localized adjustments every 8". 

4-way Die Fixtures (optional): These fixtures are bolted to the top of the crowning unit and allow the use of 4-way dies. Fixtures are adjustable depending on the size of the 4-way being used.

Two Available Standard Sizes: 3.5" wide x 3.75" tall / 6" wide x 3.75" tall
Note: Custom widths available - contact factory.

SizesCNC Upgrade (optional): The Accurcrown unit can be upgraded with a servo drive connected to the ETS3000 or Vision control. Crowning calculated by the control is automatically applied. 

Clamping Bars (optional): There are two options available to quickly and easily clamp your bottom tools in place. These function in leui of standard set screws. The Manual Clamping Bar is a simple and cost-effective solution for securing sectionalized lower tools. The Accurpress Hydraulic Clamping Unit increases efficiency with fast tool changes and CNC control connectivity.