Adjustable Power Lock Die

Increase efficiency with this automatic and fully adjustable tool

Accurpress Adjustable Power Lock Die from AccurPress on Vimeo.

The Adjustable Power Lock Die is automatic and fully adjustable within a range of bottom v-opening positions. This optional tool system eliminates the need to purchase and store a range of bottom die tools and saves an incredible amount of time as bottom die tool changes are no longer necessary. Available in several styles and options to customize to your heavy forming needs.Adjustable Power Lock Die


Automatic Vee Opening Adjustment: The Hydraulics system provides lift to accommodate quick and easy die opening adjustments. 

CNC Functionality: Move vee openings in just seconds via the Vision or ETS3000 Control

Powered Adjustable Lock Die

Replaceable Hardened Inserts: The hardened inserts provide extra heavy load capacities and longer tool life. The inserts can be replaced when needed, preserving the entire tool unit from tool wear.

Additional Plate Rollers: The addition of optional plate rollers along the full length of the die allows for easier positioning of the plate and prevents marks in the finished product.

Form 90 Degrees on all Vee Openings: Clearance exists in all vee openings to produce 90-degree bends. Larger profiles can be made allowing for openings beyond 14”. Special requests can be accommodated. 

Optional Crowning Capability: Additional crowning capabilities eliminates the need for shimming which translates into big savings in labor costs as well as a reduced scrap rate. Available for all models.

Note: Standard Adjustable Channel Lock Dies are available

Standard Adjustable Lock Die