Safety Systems


Operator safety is of the utmost importance to Accurpress. We offer many options to meet the safety requirements of your forming applications.

Fiessler AKAS 3F: The Fiessler laser guarding system is the standard guarding system for Accell H 120 -190 Ton Models and can be ordered optionally for the 60 ton model in lieu of the standard Light Curtain Guarding system. The Fiessler system transmits 3 lasers across the tooling area and monitors any interference as the parts are formed. In the event of an unplanned obstruction in the laser area, the ram is immediately stopped, thereby protecting the operator.

Rear Guarding: This is a standard feature for all Accell H models. A metal fixture with a gate and a safety interlock switch is installed and safely blocks operator access to the backgauge area. If the operator needs to access the back of the machine, an interlock switch is installed on the gate that will prevent the machine from turning on when the door is opened.

Light Curtain Guarding: The Light Curtain Guarding safety system is standard on all Hybrid 60-ton models and acts both as a safety guarding device and initiates ram motion (PSDI). For the 120 - 190 ton machines, the light curtain can be added as an option and acts exclusively to initiate the ram motion (PSDI).

Light Curtain Ram Motion Initiation from Accurpress Products on Vimeo.