HU Upgrade Package

The Accell H 120 - 190-ton models can be upgraded to the Accell HU Package. All of the features of the Accell H model are included with the following additions:

Upgrade Covers: Quality sheet metal panels protect the safety guarding system and give the Accell H a signature new look. These panels swing open to allow for easy side loading of tooling and access to the safety system.

Supreme Backgauge: Combining speed with rigidity, the Supreme Backgauge offers independent 6- axis motion, notched fingers for offset and corner gauging and the highest heavy load capacity outside of the Titan Backgauge.

Vision Control Drop Down: The Vision Control screen can be lowered down for programming use, then raised up and out of the way during forming. Screen up and down motion is controlled via a key selector switch on the Pedestal Control.