ALLY Backguage

Available exclusively for the 60 ton, the new ALLY backgauge provides a range of backgauge capabilities. From the standard movements of the 4-axis to the 7-axis that can position parts independently, this backgauge is your ALLY in part forming. The ALLY is available in 3 configurations:ALLY

AllyBackgauge from AccurPress on Vimeo.

Premium Backgauge

The Premium backgauge is Accurpress’ standard backgauge, available for all makes and models of Accurpress press brakes. Available in lengths from 6’ to 24’, the Premium backgauge is built with large section extrusions and roller carriage castings that maintain strength and accuracy over the life of the machine. This backgauge is easily serviced and maintained and comes with standard X,R, Z1/Z2 powered Axes.Premium Backgauge

Elite Backgauge 

The Elite backgauge offers full 6-axis part gauging via 2 independent gauging platforms that are mounted on a linear rail on the back of the bed. This rugged and accurate design combined with flexible gauging options and competitive pricing makes the Elite backgauge your first-choice in 6-axis gauging.

Elite Backguage

Supreme Backgauge

The Supreme backgauge is Accurpress’ 6-axis gauging system that meets the challenges of today’s complex sheet metal parts and fast-paced production environments. Constructed from a one-piece rugged steel platform that is isolated from machine ram movements, the Supreme backgauge maintains its accuracy and strength over the lifetime of the machine.

Supreme Backgauge

Note: The Titan Backgauge is available for larger Accell H models. Please reference the Accell HT line for information on high tonnage machines.