60 Ton Model

The Accell H 60-ton machine is all about features. This smart and accessible machine has so much packed into the frame that whatever forming challenge you have in mind, it’s got you covered. Everything from the revolutionary ALLY backgauge, optional dual screens, and intelligent design makes this machine an obvious choice for forming smaller parts.


Rugged Build: At 13,500 lbs., our 60-ton Hybrid is the heaviest single-cylinder machine on the market, making it the toughest and most durable machine of its kind.

Compact Design: Easily relocate the machine with a forklift!

16” Throat: A large side depth increases flexibility with forming larger parts.

Light Curtain Guarding / Ram Motion Initiation: 

Recessed Foot Pedal: Foot pedal can be extended or recessed for preferred use.

Intuitive Machine Controls: The powerful and easy to use Vision Control comes standard. Add an optional extra screen for convenient file management and display of PDF part drawings. (Note: Moses Control upgrade for 60 ton comes standard with dual screens).

Wila Clamping: All Hybrid models come standard with either Wila NSCL1 New Standard Pro or ASCL1 American ram clamping systems.

ALLY 4 Axis Backgauge: Specifically designed for the 60-ton machine, the 4 axis CNC backgauge
(X, R, Z1/Z2) comes standard with three-finger rests and the full range of motion across all axis. (Optional 5 and 7 axis models available).

Off-Center Bending: The Hybrids advanced hydraulics allow for part forming (reduced tonnage) off the ends of the machine, removing “center only” forming restrictions.

Material Compensation: Material Thickness Sensing, Teach Crowning and Pressure Compensation all provide real-time positioning adjustments based on material variance.

Accurpress Bottom Die Holder: Optional localized adjusters and clamping bars in lieu of set screws.