120 - 190 Ton Models

The Accell H 120 - 190-ton models combine power and precision into a sleek design. Using a combination of Electric and Hydraulic Drive Systems, these hybrid machines are highly efficient, impressively quiet and utilize the latest in Accurpress Motion Technologies.Featuring:

Four Point Ram Guide Ways: The Four Point Ram Guiding System allows for stable ram movement even with larger open heights and stroke lengths. The Ram moves freely up and down via 4 hardened Roller Ways.

16” Throat Depth: A large side depth increases flexibility with forming larger parts.

Rear Safety Door: The backgauge area is completely protected via sliding doors and safety interlock switch.

Vision Control: The powerful and easy to use Vision Control comes standard with all Accell Hybrid models. Optional Moses upgrade is available.

Wila Clamping: All Hybrid models come standard with either Wila NSCL 1 New Standard Pro or ASCL 1 American ram clamping systems. 

Off-Center Forming: The Hybrids advanced hydraulics allow for part forming (reduced tonnage) off the ends of the machine, removing “center only” forming restrictions.

Material Compensation System: Material Thickness Sensing, Teach Crowning and Pressure Compensation all provide real-time positioning adjustments based on material variance.

Bed Prepped for Front Supports/Sliding Rail: The bed of the machine is prepared for the optional sheet followers and linear rail system to be installed. This allows for easy installation of the followers and rails if these options are added at a later date.

CNC Accurcrown Die Holders: The Accurcrown system provides a uniform crown via precision wedges that compensate for machine deflection. This is fully integrated into Vision and the Material Compensation System.