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Genuine Accurpress Parts and Service

Accurpress and our dealers share a commitment to providing you with the very best level of service possible to help you get the most out of your Accurpress equipment.

Insist on only Genuine Accurpress Parts and Service to ensure your equipment performs to its optimum level of precision and reliability. Contact our Parts & Service Department, or your Accurpress dealer, for trusted, responsive service and quality parts that will keep your business moving.

Quality Shearing Blades

The Accurshear uses the highest quality shear blades, specially developed to provide maximum longevity and to minimize re-sharpening. An optional D2 blade, which offers additional hardness, is also available on 6135 and 6250 series models.

Precision Bearings

Accurpress stocks the replacement bearings your looking for.

Our long life, low maintenance, and no lubrication service is provided by precision ram gibbing and world quality bearings. The ram is guided by heavy duty slideways on chromed guide bars using lifetime, non-metallic pre-lubricated bearing inserts. The slideways are easily field adjustable for precise slideway bearing preload.

The main pivot points of our Rocker Arm System utilize high quality, maintenance free self-lubricating plain bearings, and self-aligning spherical bearings. Both types of bearings are well suited to the high loads and oscillating motion of the press brake linkage. Moreover, the self-lubricating feature, a unique application of polytetrafluoro-ethylene, reduces maintenance chores and lessens the chance of premature bearing failure.

Contact the Accurpress Parts & Service Department, or your Accurpress dealer today.

Electrical Components

If you require electrical component parts or service, call Accurpress, or your Accurpress dealer, for parts and service you can rely on.

Accurpress uses only industrial standard electric and electronic systems for safety and maximum reliability.

Hydraulic Components

Accurpress hydraulic systems are built to high standards with easily replaceable North American parts, designed with common sense in mind.

Contact the Parts & Service Department, or your Accurpress dealer, for responsive service and the top-quality hydraulic parts you need to keep your equipment productive.



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