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The primary goal at Accurpress is to provide you with high quality, cost effective solutions for your forming and shearing needs. We are innovative in our manufacturing processes and strive for perfection in every detail to ensure you receive the best possible value.

Creativity and integrity are the cornerstone of our design, engineering, and manufacturing. We combine these qualities with experience, craftsmanship, and only the finest quality materials to deliver long-life and the utmost accuracy from all our products. You can rely on Accurpress' innovative products to facilitate your success.

High Tonnage and Special Machine Modifications
Operator Guarding Systems
Titan Backgauge
Material Thickness Sensing System
CNC 3D Model Simulation
Automatic Sheet Follower System
Press Brake Robotics
Redesigned Supreme Backgauge
Redesigned Front Sheet Support Fixtures
CNC Frontgauge for Accurshear
Tooling Systems

High Tonnage and Special Machine Modifications

Accurpress has dedicated specialists on staff to provide cost effective solutions for your special forming requirements. In many cases, we work directly with customers to provide custom design for special bending and forming needs. From utilization of numerous standard options to complete custom modifications of ram open heights, bed cap dimensions, throat depths and much more, Accurpress can accommodate your special applications.

Contact your Accurpress representative for more information on all of the innovative products listed here or to discuss your custom applications.

Accurpress Titan Backgauge

  • Accurpress has designed the TITAN backgauge for their larger tonnage press brakes for heavy structural plate applications.

  • Every component is engineered and sized to withstand massive forces and shock loads that often exist in fabricating environments where large plates are being formed.

  • A 4 kw, 4.4 horsepower, servo-drive motor is used on each X-axis to provide the necessary muscle to assist in the movement or squaring of plates prior to the bending process.

  • Life-time lubricated precision linear bearings are incorporated into the TITAN design allowing for smooth operation of the axes.

  • The absolute ultimate in X-axis shock load protection is incorporated into the backgauge design via ACME lead screws due to their unsurpassed ability to handle shock loads ówith each X-axis capable of a 65,000 lb. static load capacity and 20,000 lbs of dynamic load capacity.

Material Thickness Sensing System

  • Built-in caliper.

  • Actively measures and compensates material thickness on the fly.

  • Continual press brake adjustment of bend angle and forces required for varying material thickness provides enhanced accuracy and productivity.

CNC 3D Model Simulation Packages

Radan and Metamation CNC 3D software, with full 3D model simulation of the bending process, are your total solutions for off-line press brake programming. These high performance and versatile 3D modeling packages are designed to make sheet metal design and engineering assembly modeling simple.

In addition to off-line programming, the software provides rapid access to drawings across computer networks, thereby, increasing customer service and response to supplier queries. These packages allow for the import/export of a range of file formats, including SAT, STEP and IGES, as well as the creation of assemblies in the 3D environment.

The software is specifically focused on the rapid creation and modification of 3D sheet metal parts and assemblies. The system understands the attributes of sheet metal and utilizes user-definable parameters for precise automatic unfolding.

Press Brake Robotics

Accurpress offers robotics integration for your production process including loading, forming and unloading. Working with experienced partners in the areas of robotics and software, Accurpress creates customized, automated bending cell solutions.

Automatic Sheet Follower System

To meet the ever changing and challenging demands of the precision sheet metal and heavy fabrication industry, Accurpress has completely designed and manufactured an automatic Sheet Following System, the latest in technology offering finesse and high quality.

  • The Sheet Follower table is guided by a quadrant track on grooved roller bearings. The table trajectory is a circular arc which follows the bending motion of the part being formed.

  • Heavy duty load capacity of 1,000 lbs per follower table.

  • The Sheet Follower(s) is mounted to the Accurpress and is positioned left to right via a linear bearing and rail that is attached directly to the press brake bed. The rail is extended beyond the bed length on the lefthand side to permit parkingthe sheet followers past the end of the bed.

Sheet Follower Retrofit Packages

Contact your Accurpress dealer for information on Sheet Follower retrofit packages for your current Acccurpress press brake.

Accurpress Supreme Backgauge

  • Designed and manufactured by Accurpress, the Supreme Backgauge is in a class by itself offering high-end versatility and precision

  • 6 axes gauging - X1/X2, R1/R2, Z1/Z2

  • (7 axes control with the optional Power X-Prime backgauge finger)

  • Rigidity is achieved through a heavy-duty, steel welded frame construction

  • Accuracy is ensured by the use of linear guide rail systems and precision ground ball screws

  • High acceleration and deceleration speeds provide the versatility for production runs and complex bending routines

Front Sheet Support Fixtures

  • The Accell Front Sheet Support Fixtures ride on a precision guide rail for easy left to right motion.

  • Vertical movement is controlled by a hand wheel for precise positioning.

  • Front sheet supports also provide convenient squaring and built in protractor

CNC Frontgauging System for Accurshear

CNC Frontgauging productivity enhancements include optimum material usage and reduced handling, increased shearing accuracy, eliminates problems with sheet sag and requires fewer personnel.

The integrated control allows for operation of both frontgauge and backgauge from one control. A unique retract function allows the stops to retract (backgauge or frontgauge) so that material doesn't wedge between the shear knives and the fingers. The programmable auto-step feature can switch between frontgauge and backgauge as required and there are ninety-nine pre-select backgauge/frontgauge settings.

Tooling Systems

WILA Hydraulic Clamping Systems

Designed to be used with Wila's New Standard Tooling with the Safety-Click button for quick vertical tooling exchange. This system is the epitome of accuracy, speed, durability and flexibility. All tooling is clamped, automatically seated, centered and aligned within 5 seconds from activating hydraulic clamping, allowing for immediate bending. The WILA clamping system will also accommodate other brands of American tooling, but without the automatic seating feature.


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