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European Style Precision Tooling

Accurpress European Style Precision Tooling is your choice for superior accuracy. Manufactured with precision and guaranteed for identical angles and heights. This degree of accuracy ensures your new tooling can always be matched exactly to existing tooling — time after time.


High resistance tools are hardened and tempered to 30 +/-2 HRC. All working surfaces are hardened to 58 +/-3 HRCHRC to a depth of 4mm (0.118"). combination of treatment produces tools with superior wear resistanceand excellent toughness.

Optional Increased Hardness:
Ferric Nitride treatment of tools is available to increase the surface hardness of the entire tool to 62 HRC.


Tools are available in the following lengths:
a) 835mm
b) 415mm
c) 835mm segmented


Tooling is precision ground on all critical surfaces to +/-.00039".

Die V Opening

Illustration to right depicts V opening measurement.

European Style Precision Punch and Die

Segmented European Style Precision Punch and Die

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